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Blockchain advantages
  • Transparency of transactions
  • Improves efficiency
  • Advanced security
  • Future-proofed
  • Safe and distributed

Core Modules

Non Fungible Token | Initial Coin Offering | Peer to Peer Exchange | Smart Contract

Open Chain

Our blockchain services are based open-source ledger technology, utilizing unified APIs which are ideal for smart contracts.

Crypto Wallet

Wallets are components that control user payment transactions, these eliminate the need for 3rd party applications and are based users' digital assets.

Smart Contract

We can develop Smart Contracts, which are the safe and secure way to manage agreements between multiple parties on the Blockchain, our contracts  include full audit trails.

Ethereum App

By leveraging Ethereum apps, we can build secure and distributed architecture applications that are tailored to your exact technical and business specifications.

Hyperledger Development

We offer private Blockchain projects via our extensive knowledge of Hyperledger, which provides clients security across data and digital keys.

Crypto Exchange

Our Blockchain platform enables end-to-end capability of a cryptocurrency exchange, via secure data blocks which are transacted in milliseconds.
Blockchain Development

We have a strong track record executing implementations successfully. Our team of developers always build detailed specs that are formed in collaboration with the client.


We  will assist in estimating the potential of Blockchain for your company. We will do the research, project assessment, platform analysis, and prioritize the right toolkit for the development.

Technical Design

Our process believes in delivering highly precise designs and ensures a seamless user experience. The created technical design contains the blueprint of the system, technical components definition, database designs, and user stories.

Blockchain Development

Our design process ensures a seamless user experience, this includes: technical design, technical components definition, database designs, and user stories.


Have access to the platform at the right stage. Our development team deploys the solution on-premise or on the cloud.

Support and Maintenance

We maintains support for the management of new OS releases. We include support  to help you at any stage.

Migration & Updates

We will aid you in moving your existing project to the blockchain. And we will aid in the creation of a plan for testing, migration, and updating, thus avoiding downtime.

Client Successes

Client details are confidential due to confidentiality and regulatory constraints, but references are available upon request.
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